Thursday, July 14, 2011

hollaaaaaaaa :D

it's been so long i don't write and share life thingy here. i don't have time to babbler because i have lot of things to settled.

btw, within this few months, there a lot of things happened to me. good and bad. let the past, past i think ;) eh eh tapi, lemme update few things about me. .

firstly, i had a miscarriage last second october :'( pls stop asking me why because i'm sick about that. please pray to Him that i still have more & more chances to get preggy again and again :') amin.

i already transfered frm hq to site, still with the company, am just switching my working environment which i found much more better even the workload like killing myself. seriously! huh.

we bought new car!!! fewwitttt :D haha. Alhamdulillah, that was the reward for ourselves for working hard! eceh. konon! :p (maka, bertambahlah hutang kami lagi -_- tolong bayar boleh? haih.)

byk lagi nak cete ni, tapi tapi i got to go. tonne of works queing :( will update lot of things soon!

daa :)

tadaaaaaa! hamekauuu! setelah bbulan xupdate blog, we both are putting weight! :p

serius x tipu. you can see aite? *stress* :(