Sunday, August 29, 2010

useless! no brain!

kenapa aku perlu rasa mcm ni dis few days )': kenapa dgn hati aku? kenapa aku rasa mcm sgtsgt na mnangis )': paham x apa aku rasa? aku xpatot rasa apa yg aku rasa skrg! sbb aku dah dpt yg lebih baik dr apa yg aku pernah dpt dulu! kenapa aku xreti na bersyukur? kenapa aku xreti na bterima kaseh? dalam dilema ke aku ni? )': patut ke aku rasa cemburu? patut ke hati aku bdetak?

ko patot maki diri ko sendiri. sbb terlalu bodoh! mana pegi otak ko? mana pegi pmikiran rasional ko? tlgla jgn ikutkan sgt perasaan tuh! boleh mmudaratkan diri ko tahu x?! please la misya. . please )':

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mama&papa,we love u.

today is the day dat hurt me the most )': i pray for both u sayang )':

Sunday, August 22, 2010


buat kerja kat opis sowang2. bbuka sowang2. nanti mati pun sowang2 kan. . (':

. . . .

masih belum terlambat untuk aku mengundur diri. cuma, beri aku masa & ruang untuk mencari kekuatan aku semula & untuk aku melupakan apa yang kita pernah lalui bersama.

Monday, August 16, 2010


as i woke up, i read Fiancee's text. . and u really make me to-shed tear.

16th august 2010, 2:26am

My baby, i am always into u. u always my only true love. u always my priority. sending solace to my solitude. im working hard for us. u are my inspiration of life. i always love u with a lot lot of love, your name always painted in my heart. . .

Your fiancee.

* i can say nothing. please forgive my thoughts on u. forgive me for everything wrong i had done.maybe i think to much. i think something dat i am not supposed to.i love u fiancee. . )': *

sad quote.

" Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him."

Are You Twin?!

Conversation btwn me & Si A via Facebook.

Si A : Hye. kembar ke?

Misya : Kembar? apa?

Si A : Tuh kat profile pic tuh? sapa adik, sapa abg?

Misya : *senyum sorang2* Eh, xlah. Tu tunang saya laa. .

Si A : Ya Allah, mati2 ingat kembar. Muka sama!

Misya : Hahahahahahahahaha!

Si A : Sebab tu saya pelik, jarang nak jumpa kembar lelaki dgn pompuan yg muka sama!

Misya : =)

Si A : Ingat kembar siam tadih. Adoi.

Misya : Hahahaha! Macam2lah awak nehh ;)

P/s : Do we look a like? ;p hahahahahaha! tapi for sure fiancee yg ikut muka saya, sbb saya lagi cute ;p cuma, hidung saya kemek, xmancung mcm hdung fiancee ;D hahaha!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

what a day!

hello :) hello :) hello :)

i just came back from dating! beautiful day i guess. heh.

i went to office in the afternoon. did some works while waiting for Fiancee to pick me. hang all the drawings on my table. they messed my table actually. and kak jun had reminded me for few times. hehe. *sorry kak jun!*

Fiancee actually went to change our car tyre. it burst last night when we were otw to futsal. luckily acong & his fiancee came to pick us ;) thank u so much guys! urh, back to just now story!

we went to bazaar. hm, somewhere in jinjang. i bought nasi beriyani gam, fiancee bought his favourites kuih, which was not my favourite at all! hahaha! then bbuka lah kami together gether at Fiancee's place ;)

i just love that night, seriusly! Fiancee soooooooooo romantic! hahaha. i wondered why actually. tapi biarlah, mbbe he realized something. thanked God. Alhamdulillah. the night went sooooo good! we went jalan2 at petaling street (masa org tgh smyg Terawih kot. not good at all!!!!!)

then Fiancee asked me after we otw back to drop him. "na minum2 dulu,be?" ehhhhhhh! hahahahhahahahaha! i was so shocked & as usual, i teased him lahhhh ;p *actually we so seldom jalan2 after having dnner, we will straight back home (boringggggg! ;p hahaha!) so apa lagi, aku dgn excitednya after mnganjing terus mnjawab. . . 'NAAAAAKKKKKKKK!' hahahahahha!

i am so happy! i am so happy! hehehehe. thank u sayang. blanje me mamam. borak lama2 with me. brought me to the place that i loveeeeee ;) thank u so muchhhhh! :)))) yeay!

na lipat kaennnnn! pen's off. daaa~


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Facebook Medium Cari Jodoh?

do u guys familiar with dis? ;)

'facebook adalah medium mencari jodoh?' hahaha! dis sounds annoying when i first heard ppl said about it. akulah org plg mngutuk gila! geliiiii wehhhhh ;D

and now. . i am smiling. i am laughing at myself! hahahahahahahaha! i know why and ofkos u oso know why mr. Fiancee ;)))))

the moral of the stories : WHAT U GIVE, U WILL GET BACK! ;p

facebook worm,
misya ;p

Thursday, August 12, 2010


i am so useless :( i did something for nothing. i even cannot chill ppl i love :'( what should i do? i feel so LOSER!

is it because i am so depending to ppl? i really have no where to go )': i have no money, i have no power. what else can i say? u dun love me is it because i burden u a lot? )': i'll go. . i will not talk to u. i will not see u. i will go away! i promise! )':

my heart's crying & i am too dying )': thank u for everything. and i really wanna step back for the time being. gimme time & i need space. just to let u know, that i am so sick. . )':


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


i saw something ANNOYING! first time occay! and i felt like vomitting! ggggrrrr! stop being so annoying occay! do respect ppl surrounds u! even we guys BODOH & XMAJU like what u said. atleast we have & take a good care of our PROUD & PRIDE! u better behave before i did something silly like what major peeps did to u right now, stupid cow! ciowwww~

first day in fasting month.

myGOD! i reach office so early today! woke up at 5am, sahur, mndi, smyg, mngaji, bsiap to office. 7am i moved frm desa petaling & i reached TRC at 730am! ;) no heavy jam guys! sgt senang hati! :)) i like dat routine during dis fasting month :) huu~ today me sahur with 2pcs bread + scramble egg (dietary fud. yeah ;D), a glass of hot chocolate + air suam. heh. (kembong gua minum air byk gila!)

working hour change a lil bit during dis fasting month. 8am-430pm. just nice lah. ppl can rush back to cook for break a fast. today, me will bukak puasa with Fiancee :) can't wait! so missing him :( *smlm pun dpt lepak mnum kejap je kat ABC,Desa Petaling* have to reduce lepaking so longggg. . .maksiat! ;p hehehe.

i have to get back to works :) see you soon! btw, 'SELAMAT BERPUASA TO ALL MUSLIMS. MAY ALLAH BLESS US. .AMIN.'

'dis is dedicated to Beloved Fiancee. i just wanna tell u dat
crossed my heart, i meant it (':'


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

fuck u JAMS!

i was stuck in a jam at DUKE for two hours yesterday & today for one and half hour at MRR2! so damn! i felt like killing myself in the car! why so terible?? i was shouting, singing so crazy in the car. im so bored & had nothing to do! *sigh*

usually Fiancee pick & send me to the office. i just goyang kaki & mumbling in the car! yelling at him! ;D but no more now. Fiancee so busy with works plus i live miles away frm him. ggggrrr! i miss everything about u sayang ):

today Fiancee & his teamates are going to meet their funder around Kajang. bebe wish u guys all the best :) good luck ya! i pray days and nights for us sayang :')

hopefully i am smart enough to plan my going back journey for today. i hate to be stuck in the jam. it drives me crazy! seriously! i can get mad to everyone! gggggr!

i have to continue my tonnes work. pen's off. daaa~


Monday, August 9, 2010

stomachache. ggr!

i went thousand times to toilet! what i ate last night? )': durian plus orange sunkist. not a gud combination i guess. . y u eat a lot, GEMOK?! ;D pls recover asap oh tummy!

fiancee not around. he is so busy with works & ofkos he is so sick with Dandendon's attitude. what can i say to my beloved fiancee. . ' sabar sayang. . Allah sentiasa bsama dgn org2 yg sabar ('= '

nothing interesting to share. i just counting minutes to go back. i really wannna zzzzz!


miss u dear,



"Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship.

It's not about how much love you have in the beginning

but how much love you build till the end.."

i have nothing much to say about this (': so speehless!

i thanked Allah for everything.

may Allah bless us.

to Dear Fiancee. .

thnx for the 'rings'

i will keep it.

i will keep u in my heart.

locked it & throw away the key.

so dat, no one will take u from me

till death apart us (':

i love u!

to Dear Friends and Relatives. .

thank u so much for coming,

helping mama & papa for the ceremony

u guys really make my day :)

thank u so much everybody :)

i love u guys! <3



Saturday, August 7, 2010


i LOVE u my HANDSOME fiancee! ;)

*eleh, perasan la tuhhh ;p*


eisya dearie. .

i miss u so badly baby. .

can't wait to see u dis coming friday!


"misya misses her family so much & she is so homesick :'("


my new pet! i will be uploading his pics soon.
can't wait!
she so CUTE & LOVELY!

kind hearted lady ;p,

Trc Sdn. Bhd.

(front view of TRC)

good afternoon peeps! lately i am so busy and have no time to drop here saying anything since i start working at TRC. huu~

now i am at office assisting kak jun with some works. inserting the rates and preparing the VO. few peeps in the office & i guess they all have the same feeling like me. im so cold, yes! lowest temperature i guess. uh! ;)

i meet lot of ppl here. kind ppl, rich man, rich woman, corporate ppl, HIPO ppl ;p, smart ppl, beautiful & handsome ppl! ;) the Cambodians ( mr KK Tan brought them from Cambodia. hire them as cleaner.). what can i say, different ppl have different characters :) it is just dat, i am being 'Me'. YES I AM!

so far, everything is going well here. i work from 9am-530pm and i enjoy working everyday without failed! ;) my lunch hour starts at 1pm until 2pm. i go to pray at 330pm. there are 9 floors in the company . i am at the 4th floor which is Contracts Department, 2nd floor is Accounts Department, 3rd is Admin Department, 5th is Purchasing Department, 6th floor is Operations Department, 7th is Corporate Affair and both 8th and 9th floor is Management Department.each floor is doing different jobs but related to each other :)