Thursday, May 26, 2011


seriously i HATE dealing with 'no brain' people!

talk much but come out with nothing!

can you please stop being so fucking ANNOYING?!

should i mind my word or else you go and kick your ass!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On a great thing in his life.

Dear Husband,

Few months ago i was an ambivalent bride. I took a leap of faith, opened up my heart to all the possibilities and said I do. In spite of the bets and the doubts that plagued the minds of many, we have made it to this point. Trials and tribulations we have had but mixed into the whirlwind of our life together there has been love and joy.

You have loved me like no other man has. You have learned me. You have been my rock while at the same time my soft place to fall. I know it has not been easy.

Thank you for healing my broken heart, for holding me up when I thought I would fall, for partnering with me in everything i do, and for letting me be who I am – even when I don’t know who that is.

There are a million little things that keep me falling in love with you more and more each day, but mostly, what endears me to you is the fact you are my best friend and lover.

At this point, i really would like to congratulates you for this great offer. I know you deserves it sayang. Good luck in everything you do. I will be there for you. May Allah bless you and our family always. InsyaAllah.

Forever yours,

Your Wife


Aha, this one was this morning! I was late to office. Gawd. But as usual, still got time to camwhoring. Duhh~ Knowing me. . ;D

"Comelkan dagu saya ;)?"



This picture was taken yesterday
when i reached home sooooooo early
and got nothing to do! Yaw ;)
I'm sorry for being crazy
while you were not at home darling ;)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


guess what? i'm home ady! this early yaw :) and i feel free to use sayang's PC at his workstation. best! tehee~ (selalu pkai lappy xbest sbb kecik je skrin dye :/)

why am i so early today? ;) haha! i got home by cab. selalunya faiz fetch kat office around 8 mcmtuh. tapi harini, xmau tggu la sbb nak balek awal basuh pinggan pagi tadi xsempat. haha!

btw, i am so sick thinking how to manage our fuel expenses every month. we like killing ourselves after doing some calculation last night! imagine this, sayang spend atleast rm40/ day for petrol! kalau sebulan rm1200 woi!!! crazy!

sebelum nih sayang freelancer, so byk spend masa kat rumah. cuma pagi pegi anta aku kerja, petang amek aku. rm20 je sehari. sekarang dah kerja fulltime kat damansara, so itu lah calculation fuel kami utk sehari. (phewww)

it is actually goes like this. . selayang-ukay perdana-damansara-ukay perdana-selayang. . flow dye mcmnih, pagi anta aku pegi office kat ukay pdana, then rush pegi office kat damansara. malam after kerja, datang amek aku kat ukay perdana and balek rumah kat selayang balek. oh hello????????? penat dan kesiankan kat suamiku? :(

sayang nak naek motor, aku yang xbagi. risau woi! aku sayang laki akuuuuuuu! so nak beli second car, rasa bazir pulak sbb nti every month punya commitment dah btambah. (xboleh lah aku nak shopping sakan nti. duhh :p)

so tadi aku try lah naek cab from melati station bila balek kerja. kononnya sayang anta aku g kerja pagi jelah, then balek nti aku naek cab. maigad! rm16 kot sampai rumahhhh!!! sebulan? (jap amek kalkulator!) haaa, rm320. baek beli handbag charles&keith kan? hahahaha! (i tahu sayang i risau kan i naek cab?. . i have to sayang. . but you don't worry, i promise to take care of myself :'))

so malam neh sayang balek office nak discuss lagi sampai dapat best solution macamane. tapi serious aku rasa aku tahu solution terbaik mcmane :) PINDAH woi! hahahaha! bos aku cakap smlm masa lepak minum lepas balek kerja "misya, i rasa better you duduk kat DAMANSARA".

aku pon sebenarnya rasa mcmtu kot. hehe. yeay, aku suka gila kot damansara! shopping best, ada IKEA, pastuh senang na access mana2 pon. dekat aku nak pegi class. ei, serious damansara best! kan kan?

cepatlah balek sayangkuuuuuu. . jomlah kte sambung discuss lagi before you start buat kerja balek. . okay please sayang!

have to go! nak jumpa kekaseh akhirat. tadaaaa~


simple yet sweet :')

Monday, May 23, 2011


I really wanna go to Victoria Station Restaurant!
I am craving for their
Seafood Au Gratin!

Nyummy aite! ;)


I feel sick with surrounding.
But i don't know why.
Please be nice peeps.
Because i really feel down to earth.
Okay bye.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Love Unifi :)

My messy house during 2 days Unifi installation. Maigad, i took half day leave okay. Duhh~ Btw, thank you so much for the system & we both satisfied. Very recommended to all Online's Maniac! :D Haha.

sad bedtime story.

There was a blind girl who was filled with animosity and despised the world.

She didn't have many friends, just a boyfriend who loved her deeply, like no one else.

She always used to say that she'd marry him if she could see him. Suddenly, one day someone donated her a pair of eyes…

And that's when she finally saw her boyfriend…

She was astonished to see that her boyfriend too was blind…

He told her, "You can see me now, can we get married?"

She replied, "And do what? We'd never be happy. I have my eye sight now, but you're still blind. It won't work out, I'm sorry."

With a tear in his eye and a smile on his face, he meekly said, "I understand. I just want you to always be happy. Take care of yourself, and my eyes."

comel lah pulak.

Macam biasa lah bila terasa comel ;)

Walau pipi macam epal.

Dagu belah dah xnmpak sangat sebab dah ada double chin :/

Kening dah lama xpegi threading (busy, xde masa plus haram)

Kau jeleskan? :D

Tapi serious aku xkesah kau pon :)

Aku tahu kau stalker, tapi poyo nak baek2 dgn aku kan?

Layankan je lah sebab kesian kat kau ;)


dah rindu.

as salam & selamat pagi :)

skema kan? fine! :D weekend2 neh mmg best gila bila dapat baring kat sofa, lappy on laps sambil fbooking, blogging & tgok tv. nak2 lagi baru lepas lunch yg sememangnya mata stim tggu zzzzzz :D haha.

sebenarnya aku nih rasa sedey sketsket sebab mama, papa & alla dah balek kuantan after 3 days bkampung kat teratak aku nih :( so macam2 lah rasa yg datang bila tiba2 sunyi dari keriuhan suara masing2. teringat pulak malam tadi sebelum tido, sayang maen gitar, aku dgn papa nyanyi lagu Kau Ilhamku, Manbai. . okay fine, rasa nak nanges pulak -_- lepas papa masuk tido, sayang masih memetik gitar, lagu The Only Exception, Paramore pulak :p so harus aku lah penyanyi favourite dye ;) ngaaa :D

dorang lately neh slalu je dtg kl. slalunya sbb papa ada meeting and mama pulak suka menyebok nak ikot. haha :D last night nak tgok Nur Kasih The Movie dengan mama and alla, tapi xsempat sbb aku sebok nak tgok AF ;p so, dorang balek tgok kat Kuantan lah occay ;) tehee~

btw, thanx for coming guys. mggu depan datang lagi okay. bawak sup kaki ayam. . hehe. see you :)

ouh, comelnyaaaaa :')

Monday, May 16, 2011






I haven't seen you in ages right? Probably because i am busy with everything! . . Busy with tonne works, with housekeeping, yeah i have no good time to write and express feeling in here :/ Btw, i am happy for what happening to me this few days :) It makes me strong and stronger. aha!

Lately I've been working so hard, trying to commit with my carrier so well. Oh misya, please be fast & a good learner! I was at office yesterday while other people enjoyed sleeping at home :/ Yea, i was completing few tasks given. Oh,can i have 48hours in a day????? Pleaseeeeeee :/

I came back at 6pm. Bought some goreng pisang for sayang :) Ehe. Felt like thousand years i didn't met my sayang since i never work on Sunday :( We really had good time together last night. Lepaking and jalan2 at petaling street. . After that sayang suggested to Bukit Ampang. The ideal place to distress ourselves at night after weeks of hectic schedules! The romantic place to cherish KL's night view! Looking at the city from up there kinda disconnects us from the hustle bustle of the city. Feels peaceful eventhough in reality it is not, tehee :)

You are most attractive than the KL's view occay sayang! ;) Ngaa~

Alhamdulillah, I am HAPPY. Enough said :D Daa~

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I don't bother you, idiot! Xmalu perasan sendiri, haih. Hello? Facebook and Blog is a place to express feeling! Don't you know about that? So, suka hati akulah nak cakap apa, Blog aku :) Btw, sape yang makan cili dye terasa pedas,kan? :) Xsuka, menyampah dgn aku, tapi sebok nak baca blog aku, pastuh perasan sendiri! Ada sorang kakak nih cakap 'Dye sayang sya lagi la tuh kot. .' Haha! Xde maknanya! Zzzzzzzz. . Facebook kau pun aku dah xpenah bukak since aku dah rasa xsuka dengan kau, inikan lagi blog kau. Euw. . Buat malu jek sampai orang laen cakap kau gila meroyan, dah rasa tersisih tatau nak buat apa, pegi embursh sana sini macam bagus! -_- Umur dah tua, tapi perangai budak2, yucks! This 'Stupid' word suit you :) Take It and Please Go To Hell! Thank you.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Feiyah!

Oh hye ;) This entry supposed to be on 30th April, the day Feiyah's celebrating her birthday. Aha! But then, i have no time to write on the day after coming back from Haven Restaurant. I was so tired and had to prepare to go to office the next day. Moreover, i have to pack things to go back to Kuantan after work on the next day. Hehe.

Hmm,I am watching TV while writing this entry :p Oso doing some laundry & 'lipat kaen'. Yeah! The day started last two weeks when i discussed with darling to celebrate Feiyah's birthday. But then, we had no idea to do the surprised! Hahaha! At that moment few restaurants and bars crossed my mind. The Bora Ombak, The Hard Rock Cafe, The Haven itself :), The Subak, The Fullhouse, eh byk lagi! Hahahahaha! I did some surveys on price and place, finally i choosed Haven Restaurant :)

I planned and told Abg Zey (Feiyah's hubby) about the plan. Welcoming him and planned with him about the surprised! Hahaha! Fyi, i was facing difficulties to plan with him actually because his Hp was 24hrs monitored okay!!!! :/ Gggggrrrr! So, the surprised planned was on 29th (a day before her birthday. i cannot make it on 30th because haf to go back to kuantan for cousin's reception.) Oh btw, i was inviting everybody to the party but only few possible to join. Nvmd! ;) Thank you to Ayah Long, Kakya and Ella for coming! :))

I went back early frm office on that day, rushed to the restaurant for booking! (well, last minute plan :p) I brought my dress, shoes, make-up, etc from home, then tukar kat situh. Heh. (oh hello? xkan nak pakai office attire kot. haha!) I choosed nice view and started to order the people there to pump ballons and decorate our place a bit :) Thank you so much for helping me guys! :') Oh, the place was soooooooo awesome! Very sweet and and and. . . *speechless* Hahaha!

After all, i was waiting for cousins to arrive first, they bought cake for Feiyah, but then Feiyah and Abg Zey sampai dulu kot!!!!!! Hahahaha! Feiyah was shocked looking at me and hubby because i told her that i went to Jalan Tar to buy heli for hubby! Hahahahahaha! We were laughing out loud!! (Macam biasalah, muka tersipu2 malu minah tuh, konon Abg Zey nak dating berdua je dgn dye malam tuh. Euwh! :p)

Ayah Long, Kakya and Ella arrived in 30minutes after that. They brought Secret Recipe's cake. Nyummy! I took the cake and passed it to the counter. After that, the staff's switch off the light and turn The Birthday Song's on. They brought the cake to Feiyah. Everbody at the place clapping hands and sang the song for her! Feiyah was like crying, i know she's toucing :') She stood up, smiling and thanked to everyone :)

We enjoyed the night, eating delicious food, chitchatting, gossiping, laughing. . and blabla. . :D Alhamdulillah everything's went well as planned :) Eventhough i was hell tired, but i am soooo happy and satisfied! Thank you so much to hubby, Ayah Long, Kakya and Ella to make it for real! Ngee~

To Feiyah : Happy birthday darling! May Allah bless you and grant you everything's good!

Love always,

*Later i upload few pics okay? The piccas in my office PC :p*