Friday, August 2, 2013


Hola darlings!

Almost a week x updating anything here. Been so busy with business & shifting. Raya mood is still left behind. Baju raya faiz je dah beli before ramadhan that day. Sbb faiz lah paling susah nak dpt size baju melayu kalau beli last minute. He wears euro ppl size (katanya T_T) Bought one set of baju melayu for him with new sampin tenun. Alhamdulillah :) Cuma shirts, kemeja & pants je belum beli lagi. Mine? I still didn't buy any baju raya for me. Faiz dah berkali2 ajak keluar carik, tapi hmmm, nanti dulu lah. . I have lot of things to spend than buying new clothes for me :)

Last week been looking  a new place for us. This time i prefer not landed house at all! I always wanted a better place & a good security system. So headache but Alhamdulillah Allah make it easy for us. We finally found a Malay 'landlord', Encik Razak. Very kind, humble & easy to tolerate. His unit was superb! I really love the interior, the upgraded floor parquet, the kitchen cabinet, the rooms, the 'sexy' toilet, the balcony, the lightings. I love everything about the house! Having a peaceful surrounding & breathtaking view. Allah! :') Please, please be nice to us dear house. .

I fall in love with the house at the first sight, so hubs straight away put some deposits to the owner. Syukur, we already hve a new place to stay after coming back from raya. So, few days left before we going back, i still busy with shifting. Tomorrow, 3 indons maid will come over to help me out. Doing packing & cleaning. So that i can slowly moving out my things to our new place before raya. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah :')

Btw, sorry for not sharing any pics of our new place as you know i don't have any device for taking picture. All had been taken :'( InsyaAllah ada rezeki, later. . :)

I gtg, have to fetch nina from her school. Will be back!

Pic taken from Google.

Please be good to us. Please :')

Hugs & kisses,