Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On my current baby.

Alhamdulillah, been assigned to handle this project. Currently doing interior works for most of the boutiques, outlets & toilets for Pavilion KL.
I always wanted to be a QS with an Interior Design company. Now i have the opportunity & insyaAllah will deliver my very best.
Allah bless me. Amin.

Back on track, daa ;)

In the train!

Hello gemorning! I just can't believe that i am now blogging in the train while waiting to reach office! Hihihi. Best2 ;)

Okay train dah gerakkkkk, pening! Ttyl dolls.


Friday, November 15, 2013

:'( :'( :'(

Khas buat Fazilah yang disayangi & akan dirindui selalu. . :')

Pertemuan Kita Di Suatu Hari
Menitiskan Ukhwah Yang Sejati
Bersyukurku Ke Hadrat Ilahi Di Atas Jalinan Yang Suci

Namun Kini Perpisahan Yang Terjadi
Dugaan Yang Menimpa Diri
Bersabarlah Di Atas Suratan
Ku Tetap Pergi Jua

Kan Ku Utuskan Salam Ingatanku
Dalam Doa Kudusku Sepanjang Waktu
Ya Allah Bantulah Hamba Mu

Mencari Hidayah Daripada Mu
Dalam Mendidikkan Kesabaranku
Ya Allah Tabahkan Hati Hamba Mu
Di Atas Perpisahan Ini

"Teman Betapa Pilunya Hati Menghadapi Perpisahan Ini.
Pahit Manis Perjuangan Telah Kita Rasa Bersama. Semoga
Allah Meredhai Persahabatan Dan Perpisahan Ini. Teruskan

Kan Ku Utuskan Salam Ingatanku
Dalam Doa Kudusku Sepanjang Waktu
Ya Allah Bantulah HambaMu

Senyuman Yang Tersirat Di Bibirmu
Menjadi Ingatan Setiap Waktu
Tanda Kemesraan Bersimpul Padu
Kenangku Di Dalam Doamu

Semoga Tuhan Berkatimu...

(Nangis dalam kete otw balek rumah nti! :'( Tssskkkkk)


It sucks when the only person who can make you feel better 
is also the reason why you always cry!

Thank you for hurting me last night.

When he gets a year older.

Currently at office. Doing few things. Handing over process i guess. I AGAIN shifting to a new working environment. AGAIN. An Interior Design company which i had dreamed since 3 years back. I got this opportunity, Syukur is the only word. Next Monday i am officially an ID cost consultant. Ewah! Hihi.

Last 9th Nov was hubs birthday. We were busy with works then. Luckily family celebrated him on behalf of me. (Untungnyaaaaa jadiii faiz, ramai yg sayang! Hahaha.)

Thanks to ALL! Love to the maxxxxx :')

To the man i married. .

People tell of how the early year of marriage is always the hardest. No one told me of how hard the year going into your marriage can be. The impatience, the frustrations, the misunderstandings and everything else. I know that we always have our silly fights over dumb things. But I am so thankful to Him for every single time he has spoken to me about our relationship :') :') :') :') 

Thank you for your quiet when I'm loud. Thank you for your rational thought when I'm being crazy. Thank you for choosing me every day, through the good and the bad. Thank you for being true to who you are. 

Please hold my hand and take this walk with me. Happy Birthday to the man i loved. May Allah bless you always. I love you more than i can ever explain.

Hugs & kisses,


Two days in a row faiz dapat surprise! Eleh, mengadaaaa lettew. . I ada few pictures lagiii nak share & a birthday video. Nti lah ea. Next entry, for sure! ;)

It's a quarter to 1am, i really need to get my sleeping beauty. Hihihi. See yah in the next entry. Stay tune. Gunite dolls, mmuaaaahhh!