Friday, June 25, 2010

Excited Mom!

Oh hello guys. meeting u again here. Yesterday i was like so busy helping mama at Warisan Dhiya. I'll tell u guys about Warisan Dhiya later ya. Ehe. . After tlg mama, we went to SSF Deco. Mama was so excited dat i am getting engaged! Ya Allah :) So pegi la nenok segala gubahan hantaran suma kat ctu. Actually mama will do all the things herself. She is so creative & i really love her artworks! ;D she just went there to take a look & curik2 idea lah kan. Thanks mama! Save lah duet faiz nti! Hahahaha. So, i'll be uploading yesterday's photo later ya. And Alla was the photographer wlpn dye xikhlas & mls! Hahahaha ;p

What can I say, i am so HAPPY! Alhamdulillah i met somenone i dserves :) Catch up with me soon ya. C Yah!


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