Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wedding Cake.

Last night i was chitchatting with Anne. She was an owner of a bakery shop, somewhere in Kota Bharu. I had emailed to her my dream cake last few days ;) yehaaaaa~ I was so excited! But then last night she did text me & told me that she cannot open my attached pic. So, i post the pic of the cake to her FB. It was much more easier for her to review isn't it? ;) She will do the cake for me!!!!!!!!!!! Aha! Ofkos i had bargain the best price for the cake & she quoted the very 'awesome' price. I love it!! Thank u Anne!! U really make my day! :))

Here it come!!! Cute kan?? (‘: I told Anne to change the theme color which is red+black. So, the flowers will be in red, the ribbons is black and the cake itself will remain white! Cutenyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Thank uuuuuu Anne. Can’t wait to see the presentation!


  1. dapat byagkan . mmg cantikkk...!! =)
    i kwn dhiya asyila. slalu jd silent readers kat fb o blog. skg mmuncul.. hehehe.

    slmat berbahagia!!

  2. hehehe! thank uuuu. jemput dtg masa kawen nti ya :)