Tuesday, July 6, 2010


i woke up early dis morning? hahaha. supposed i went to uitm to see outcampus KP. tp sumpah malas dan betulbetul tate mud :( so, ptg karang lah pergi ya. sorry KP :) im sure u really wanna see 'smart' student like me kan kan? ;) heh.

last nite i slept at hanan's place, on hanan's bed! sweet kan? i really miss u guys (': chatting & gossiping ofkos! muahahahah ;D we went for a dinner at Flaming Steamboat! Sumpah best & we had too much fun okay! hahahaha!

i really cannot sleep last nite )': i was thinking of sumting & dat sumting disturbs me. i text BF, but he slept ady & i know he was so tired. forgive me dear BF. i know i am so annoying sometimes ):

sorry me for everything syg )':

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