Saturday, July 10, 2010


A day before yesterday i went for an interview. homaigod, i was so nervous! BF accompanied me. TQ sayang :) when i arrived there for sure i was so impressed to see such big building! TRC. at first i tot i went to the wrong places. i called for the confirmation & the operator asked me to get inside.

I got inside and went straight to the counter. the receptionist asked me ' u're dhiya syamimi rite?' i was smiling at her & she asked me to have a sit first while waiting for junaidah. 'junaidah? who is she?' the seats were so cool okay! i tot the company bought them at Lorenzo lah! hahahahha. i acted like i am so professional. mcm haram ;p i read business magz. lawak la kan. sbb aku xpnah minat pun! but pretended to be so cool & profesional! hahahha.

One chubby lady came to me and she was junaidah. i called her kak jun :) she asked me to fill up the interview form. we chitchat2 a bit while waiting for Encik Mahadhir. he was the contract manager at the company. after he came down, we went to meeting room to start the interview session. mak aih, sumpah rasa mcm seram2 sejuk! dat was my first time experienced the interview session. ya Allah, felt like crying at dat time! hahahha!

The session was good. i like Mahadhir's style. sumpah lawak gila & aku rasa comfortable dgn soalan2 dye! alhamdulillah i got the job! after saying thank u to Encik Mahadhir & Kak Jun, i ran out from the office to the car. someone's waiting for me patiently & i knew BF oso so nervous waited for me. i got into the car & screamed! i hold BF's hand! i was so speechless and started to cry! (': i got it sayang! i got it! (': BF smiled & i knew he was so proud to have murky GF like me (': heh.

BF then belanja me mamam somewhere in Kepong. tq so much sayang! i was so excited & i could see BF oso excited & thankful to Him. what we can say, 'Rezeki Kahwin :)' Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

'Dear BF, u touched me sayang (': i can see u put an effort to everything for us. for us to get marrried & to have wonderful & blessed family. U sent my resume, u printed out them, u accompanied me, u did everything for us sayang. (': i will never let u down. i thanked to Him to have someone like u. i love u sayang & i will prove something to u. I PROMISE! (':'


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