Saturday, July 3, 2010

sick but happy?

Hello peeps. sorry i was not around for few days. hm busy with everything. so sick! :( few things to tell u. . and do listen to me if not, get lost! ;) heh. *belum pape, da temper. haihh!*

1) Please stop blaming me. i am not a jerk )': i felt sick with dat harsh word, dear. . i was so suffer before & I am sure dat Allah heard my prayer and He plan something good for me onwards. . What can i say . . 'Kita hanya merancang, tapi Allah yang menentukan'. . Hm

2) 'Dear sis, happy learning & hopefully u have great life at shah alam :)' * i just came back from shah alam. me,mama,nina & che halim accompanied Alla for her registration at uitm. see u again on monday, sis! (KUANTAN-KL-KUANTAN) *sigh* after the registration, we went to BF's office at Plaza Sentral & convoy back to Kuantan. i am hell tired occay! restless! sorry to dear BF. u have to drive alone while i am happily sleeping besides ;) hehehe.

3) Dah tempah baju :) Yess! August is coming & i am so nervous! harus kurus before August! aiyyyaaaa. . ;))

4) Note for dear BF. .

'Sayang, thanks for everything. U brought sunshine into my life. Gave me hopes. Hold me tightly whenever i feel to fell down. . (': U are a God gift to me. . I love u sayang. No word can describe this. . Allah knows everything!. .'

Gtg, sleepy. .