Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good bad day :D

oh hello. hell long i didn't write here since i had no leisure time at all. duhh~ nothing much to share today since i am not in a good mood -_- hmm btw, im still at office. there are few things i need to settle down and pass up tomorrow. but still a lot to do! *sigh*

omaigad, i miss hubby so much :( he spend less time with me since he has tonne of works to do and some more he's chasing his dateline. i'll try to be occay even i'm not,sayang :/

seriously i need shopping therapy!!! next week planning to buy perfumes. YEAY! (perfume aku dah tggl separuh botol kot! gggrrr!) planning to buy this Amor Amor By Cacharel. Anyone had tried? i saw few good feedbacks on this perfume and it is No.1 Top Selling Perfume! lols. (aku cuba jugak guna LOLS nih walaupun aku rasa xsuka and menyampah dengan word tuh sebab nampak bajet&poyo gila! tah pape aku ni kan, ouh LIC?! hahaha!) OR this Miss Dior By Christian Dior that won The Women's Sexiest Fragrance 2011. Anyone tried this one? tell me occay! :)

hubby oso looking for new perfume -_- (seboklah sayang nih :p) i suggested to him this . . . ouh i have no idea! :D :D we'll see lah sayang :)

okaylah, gtg. someone's waiting for me down there. see you! daa~

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