Monday, March 14, 2011

)': )': )':

i went to office this morning but i cannot did my tonne works! i got period pain & the most thing i was worrying about something that touched me a lot )': i quickly got back to home because i cannot continued working! my heart's crying!! please talk to me, sayang. . )': )': i knew i did mistake last night )': forgive me than Allah will forgive me after u did )':

we had bit argument last night which was all my faults! and i hurt ppl dat i love the most )': ppl that always put me on top! )': (seriously i cannot stop crying while writing! )':)

after we had short conversation and confession, i then released a bit. .

thank you sayang for always giving me chances, advises me. i know i shouldn't talk that way last night )': i am so regret. please forgive me and trust me that i will always love you and no one can replaced you :')



  1. sabar dear..bile dah kawen mcm2 dugaan kan. tambah2 plak sal keje,sal org sekeliling,sal dunia rumah tgga sdiri. sume kena pikir and kena pandai timbang rasa. kuatkan ati. jd isteri yg solehah n mithali. bersyukur sbb anda suda pnya someone yg betol2 ade disisi skng. ape2 mslh, just be more cool than msa zmn single dulu. kena tough tau. i always wish u happiness dear~ ;)

  2. thank you awak :') i love you!