Wednesday, August 11, 2010

first day in fasting month.

myGOD! i reach office so early today! woke up at 5am, sahur, mndi, smyg, mngaji, bsiap to office. 7am i moved frm desa petaling & i reached TRC at 730am! ;) no heavy jam guys! sgt senang hati! :)) i like dat routine during dis fasting month :) huu~ today me sahur with 2pcs bread + scramble egg (dietary fud. yeah ;D), a glass of hot chocolate + air suam. heh. (kembong gua minum air byk gila!)

working hour change a lil bit during dis fasting month. 8am-430pm. just nice lah. ppl can rush back to cook for break a fast. today, me will bukak puasa with Fiancee :) can't wait! so missing him :( *smlm pun dpt lepak mnum kejap je kat ABC,Desa Petaling* have to reduce lepaking so longggg. . .maksiat! ;p hehehe.

i have to get back to works :) see you soon! btw, 'SELAMAT BERPUASA TO ALL MUSLIMS. MAY ALLAH BLESS US. .AMIN.'

'dis is dedicated to Beloved Fiancee. i just wanna tell u dat
crossed my heart, i meant it (':'


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