Sunday, August 15, 2010

what a day!

hello :) hello :) hello :)

i just came back from dating! beautiful day i guess. heh.

i went to office in the afternoon. did some works while waiting for Fiancee to pick me. hang all the drawings on my table. they messed my table actually. and kak jun had reminded me for few times. hehe. *sorry kak jun!*

Fiancee actually went to change our car tyre. it burst last night when we were otw to futsal. luckily acong & his fiancee came to pick us ;) thank u so much guys! urh, back to just now story!

we went to bazaar. hm, somewhere in jinjang. i bought nasi beriyani gam, fiancee bought his favourites kuih, which was not my favourite at all! hahaha! then bbuka lah kami together gether at Fiancee's place ;)

i just love that night, seriusly! Fiancee soooooooooo romantic! hahaha. i wondered why actually. tapi biarlah, mbbe he realized something. thanked God. Alhamdulillah. the night went sooooo good! we went jalan2 at petaling street (masa org tgh smyg Terawih kot. not good at all!!!!!)

then Fiancee asked me after we otw back to drop him. "na minum2 dulu,be?" ehhhhhhh! hahahahhahahahaha! i was so shocked & as usual, i teased him lahhhh ;p *actually we so seldom jalan2 after having dnner, we will straight back home (boringggggg! ;p hahaha!) so apa lagi, aku dgn excitednya after mnganjing terus mnjawab. . . 'NAAAAAKKKKKKKK!' hahahahahha!

i am so happy! i am so happy! hehehehe. thank u sayang. blanje me mamam. borak lama2 with me. brought me to the place that i loveeeeee ;) thank u so muchhhhh! :)))) yeay!

na lipat kaennnnn! pen's off. daaa~


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