Tuesday, August 10, 2010

fuck u JAMS!

i was stuck in a jam at DUKE for two hours yesterday & today for one and half hour at MRR2! so damn! i felt like killing myself in the car! why so terible?? i was shouting, singing so crazy in the car. im so bored & had nothing to do! *sigh*

usually Fiancee pick & send me to the office. i just goyang kaki & mumbling in the car! yelling at him! ;D but no more now. Fiancee so busy with works plus i live miles away frm him. ggggrrr! i miss everything about u sayang ):

today Fiancee & his teamates are going to meet their funder around Kajang. bebe wish u guys all the best :) good luck ya! i pray days and nights for us sayang :')

hopefully i am smart enough to plan my going back journey for today. i hate to be stuck in the jam. it drives me crazy! seriously! i can get mad to everyone! gggggr!

i have to continue my tonnes work. pen's off. daaa~


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