Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trc Sdn. Bhd.

(front view of TRC)

good afternoon peeps! lately i am so busy and have no time to drop here saying anything since i start working at TRC. huu~

now i am at office assisting kak jun with some works. inserting the rates and preparing the VO. few peeps in the office & i guess they all have the same feeling like me. im so cold, yes! lowest temperature i guess. uh! ;)

i meet lot of ppl here. kind ppl, rich man, rich woman, corporate ppl, HIPO ppl ;p, smart ppl, beautiful & handsome ppl! ;) the Cambodians ( mr KK Tan brought them from Cambodia. hire them as cleaner.). what can i say, different ppl have different characters :) it is just dat, i am being 'Me'. YES I AM!

so far, everything is going well here. i work from 9am-530pm and i enjoy working everyday without failed! ;) my lunch hour starts at 1pm until 2pm. i go to pray at 330pm. there are 9 floors in the company . i am at the 4th floor which is Contracts Department, 2nd floor is Accounts Department, 3rd is Admin Department, 5th is Purchasing Department, 6th floor is Operations Department, 7th is Corporate Affair and both 8th and 9th floor is Management Department.each floor is doing different jobs but related to each other :)