Wednesday, December 29, 2010

11 Things Women Wish Men Knew.

Hey peeps! I found this article in FB. So, i would like to share with u guys :) This is sooooooo real! Aha ;)

1. We Like When You Remember Small Details About Our Dating History.

We like when you remember little things like what we had on when you first met us.

2. We Like When You Listen To Us When We Talk.

We like when you listen to us when we are talking(Really listen). Not that pretend listening. The kind where you are trying to listen to us while playing a video game or watching basketball. Sometimes we want all of your attention. Sometimes, we want you to look at us when we are speaking and digest all of what we are saying. One word at a time.

3. We Like When You Tell Us How Pretty We Are

We want to feel beautiful even when our outside appearance does not realistically match the definition. It is still wonderful when the man we love and that loves us, can say with honesty and adoration in his eyes, that despite how crappy we feel, we are still beautiful to him. Loves it!

4. We Like The Random Text Messages Or Calls During The Day Just To See How We Are Doing

We want to always fee like we are on your minds even when we are not in your presence. We like for our well being to be considered. A simple text message or quick call solidifies that. It also only takes about 5 minutes of your day.

5. We Like When You Give Us Money. No Matter The Amount.

We like when you give us money. However, contrary to popular opinion, not every woman requires a baller. Some women respect a hard working man who is willing to give his last dollar in order to assure that our needs are met. We respect the selflessness that comes with the decision. Take that in.

6. That Slap On The Butt You Give Us When We Walk By, We Like It! (Even If We Act Like We Don’t).

Even if we act semi shocked and annoyed by it, the day you stopped doing it, we would be worried. Why? Because deep down we like it. Women enjoy affection and like for their man to show it. If you were to stop it would concern us. “Is he slapping someone else’s ass?”

7. We Like Being Catered To As Much As You Do.

We are human beings and most humans enjoy the idea of someone caring for them. We want you to cook dinner for us as well. We want you to run our bath water after a long hard day as well. We like a good back rub also. So be willing to give as much as you expect.

8. We Want To Be Closer To You Than Your Friends.

We want you to have friends, we want you to be free to hang with your boys. However we also want to be your best friend. We want to know that when it comes down to the nitty gritty,we come before your boys. We need to know that our needs are more important and that if need be, you would drop everything you have going on with them, for us. Is it selfish? Perhaps but no woman wants to feel second to your boys. Especially if she is the one washing your clothes and cooking for you. A good woman deserves to come first.

9. We Like When You Are Willing To Come To Our Rescue (Even If We Don’t Necessarily Need It).

When we are in a jam, it is nice to know that your man will have your back. Even if we do not necessarily need you to help us, it is a wonderful feeling to know that if we needed the help, you would be there. Offer the help regardless. Let us make the decision as to whether we need it. It is not about coming to our rescue. It is about being present. Be a presence in our lives. Be there without complaining, or talking shit, or making us feel like we are stupid. Sometimes showing up says more words than anything that could come out of your mouth.

10. We Like When You Notice If There Is Something Bothering Us.

Nothing melts a woman’s heart more than her man having the knack to notice when something is bothering her or if she is upset. Even when that something has nothing to do with him. What this means to us is that you care about our feelings and emotions, and if we are upset. Even if we are not upset with you. You still are concerned enough to inquire. Pay attention to our cues, and learn them. This matters to us.

11. We do not always want you to solve our problems for us. Sometimes all it takes is a simple, pure, kiss on the face or a smile and a word saying that “everything will be okay“.

Kan Kan? :p