Monday, December 20, 2010

HIV test.

Yes! finally i had done with my HIV test! ;) lama gilaaaa me & fiance na kena tgu for the result! gggggrrrr! alhamdulillah dah settle dah one of the important document yg nak attach dgn borang nikah :) lege skettt. huh!

So, rabu ni pulak wedding card aku sampai from jakarta. nak kena pegi hamek kat LCCT. ouh, so surprise! mcmane la rupa kad akuuuu. design dah abes cool, harap2nya hasil pun memuaskan hati. :) thank u so much to kelly. she monitored my cards from beginning until arrivals to m'sia! trillion thanx darling!! :)) i love uuuuuuu!


Pen's off. daa~

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