Friday, December 24, 2010


omaigod. today is sooooo boring friday ): i had nothing to do with myself! i shud actually print all my guests list, so dat i can stick them in the card and distributes!! why am i so lazyyyyyy? playing and mingle around with friends. hahahahaha!

well, tomorrow is going to be a BIG day for kak ya. . yeah, she's getting engaged with abg ehsan whom she had been together for 7 years! OMG, akhirnya!!!! Alhamdullilah :) i am happy for you kak ya :)) eh lupa na ckp, kak ya is my cousin, my ayah long punya daughter. hee ;) so, see u tomorrow kak ya. for sure u will look so gorgeous! ;) *ttbe teringat masa aku btunang haritu :p*

oklaaaa, na sambung buat guest list! *sigh* daaaa~

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