Saturday, March 12, 2011


Last wednesday Feiyah&Hubby treated us at Chilis! She had promised us because she cannot make it to our reception's at Kuantan :p We really have to squezee our time that day since we were busy women! tehee~ Btw, thank you so much darling! We really had great time with both you :)

Here are some piccas that i have taken, but the quality was not so good! gggrrrr.

*We have to queue because the restaurant was so full! Feiyah&hubby booked our seats*

*The Menu*

*Rambang mata ea sayang? :p*


*Duadua dah kembang. haih! ;p*


*Suka sgt lah dapat makan! ;D*

*Blessed always. Amin.*

Enjoying the moment together, chitchatting & did heart to heart conversation. yawww~ :') Thank you again and again! Next time let's make a trip to Madam Kwan. Like what i told you that day, Faiz was sooooooo crazily craving for Madam Kwan's Nasi Bojari! :p Haha!

Frankly speaking, we are always looking towards to see both u! :) Take care always. Mwahx! <3

'A gedik wifey',