Tuesday, March 8, 2011

jakun lah!

hello good evening :)

euw, i don't know why i keep on writing today and seriously i don't wanna stop! hahahaha! (mbbe sbab dah lama x post, so batak sket haih. tehee.)

me and hubby just having our dinner together. burrrpppp! ;) (thanx sayang sbab selalu puji i masak sedap :p alhamdulillah. .) i was so thankful to mama for teaching me to cook since i was 7 :') . . and at the age of 23, i can already cook for my husband. thank you again and again! :)

i have nothing much to say actually, crazily i wanna mumbling here and there with no reason! hahaha! excuse me for being sooooooooo freaking weird tonight. haih!

hubby is sitting infront me. he is doing his tonne works & soooooooo FOCUS! gggrrrrr! (please entertain me darlingggg 'coz i'm so bored!!!! -_-)

*inilah rupa suamiku yg sgt serius menyiapkan artwork dia.
maafkan i sbb curik2 hamek pic u ya, sayang ;D*

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