Tuesday, March 8, 2011


hye hye :) tehee. i was like missing my blog soooooo muchhhhh! well, i just done with all my wedding receptions. after feb's ceremony and last few days end up with 'majlis sambut menantu'.

thank you so much to beloved family and dear friends. helping me days and nights to make both receptions a good one. yeahaaaa! :') frankly speaking, me and hubby soooooo tired but we are happy!

now we are back to normal life which is me and hubby have to work hard and spend little time together. *sobsob* we have lotsa things in our wish-list and there are only 2ways to make all the dreams come true, which is work hard and tawakkal :)

" Sayang, just hoping that you will always take a good care of me like what i feel now (': and i promise to be a good wife. InsyaAllah."


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