Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Feiyah!

Oh hye ;) This entry supposed to be on 30th April, the day Feiyah's celebrating her birthday. Aha! But then, i have no time to write on the day after coming back from Haven Restaurant. I was so tired and had to prepare to go to office the next day. Moreover, i have to pack things to go back to Kuantan after work on the next day. Hehe.

Hmm,I am watching TV while writing this entry :p Oso doing some laundry & 'lipat kaen'. Yeah! The day started last two weeks when i discussed with darling to celebrate Feiyah's birthday. But then, we had no idea to do the surprised! Hahaha! At that moment few restaurants and bars crossed my mind. The Bora Ombak, The Hard Rock Cafe, The Haven itself :), The Subak, The Fullhouse, eh byk lagi! Hahahahaha! I did some surveys on price and place, finally i choosed Haven Restaurant :)

I planned and told Abg Zey (Feiyah's hubby) about the plan. Welcoming him and planned with him about the surprised! Hahaha! Fyi, i was facing difficulties to plan with him actually because his Hp was 24hrs monitored okay!!!! :/ Gggggrrrr! So, the surprised planned was on 29th (a day before her birthday. i cannot make it on 30th because haf to go back to kuantan for cousin's reception.) Oh btw, i was inviting everybody to the party but only few possible to join. Nvmd! ;) Thank you to Ayah Long, Kakya and Ella for coming! :))

I went back early frm office on that day, rushed to the restaurant for booking! (well, last minute plan :p) I brought my dress, shoes, make-up, etc from home, then tukar kat situh. Heh. (oh hello? xkan nak pakai office attire kot. haha!) I choosed nice view and started to order the people there to pump ballons and decorate our place a bit :) Thank you so much for helping me guys! :') Oh, the place was soooooooo awesome! Very sweet and and and. . . *speechless* Hahaha!

After all, i was waiting for cousins to arrive first, they bought cake for Feiyah, but then Feiyah and Abg Zey sampai dulu kot!!!!!! Hahahaha! Feiyah was shocked looking at me and hubby because i told her that i went to Jalan Tar to buy heli for hubby! Hahahahahaha! We were laughing out loud!! (Macam biasalah, muka tersipu2 malu minah tuh, konon Abg Zey nak dating berdua je dgn dye malam tuh. Euwh! :p)

Ayah Long, Kakya and Ella arrived in 30minutes after that. They brought Secret Recipe's cake. Nyummy! I took the cake and passed it to the counter. After that, the staff's switch off the light and turn The Birthday Song's on. They brought the cake to Feiyah. Everbody at the place clapping hands and sang the song for her! Feiyah was like crying, i know she's toucing :') She stood up, smiling and thanked to everyone :)

We enjoyed the night, eating delicious food, chitchatting, gossiping, laughing. . and blabla. . :D Alhamdulillah everything's went well as planned :) Eventhough i was hell tired, but i am soooo happy and satisfied! Thank you so much to hubby, Ayah Long, Kakya and Ella to make it for real! Ngee~

To Feiyah : Happy birthday darling! May Allah bless you and grant you everything's good!

Love always,

*Later i upload few pics okay? The piccas in my office PC :p*


  1. babe, baru baca entry ni.
    thanks, rase mcm artis..haha.
    nway, tq for everything. buat every year kay? ;)

  2. omaigad, demanding lah pulak kau kan! hahahahaha! next time aku nak buat kat kedai kakna je lah. dekat dgn rumah kau kan? :D senang! hahahahaha.