Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On a great thing in his life.

Dear Husband,

Few months ago i was an ambivalent bride. I took a leap of faith, opened up my heart to all the possibilities and said I do. In spite of the bets and the doubts that plagued the minds of many, we have made it to this point. Trials and tribulations we have had but mixed into the whirlwind of our life together there has been love and joy.

You have loved me like no other man has. You have learned me. You have been my rock while at the same time my soft place to fall. I know it has not been easy.

Thank you for healing my broken heart, for holding me up when I thought I would fall, for partnering with me in everything i do, and for letting me be who I am – even when I don’t know who that is.

There are a million little things that keep me falling in love with you more and more each day, but mostly, what endears me to you is the fact you are my best friend and lover.

At this point, i really would like to congratulates you for this great offer. I know you deserves it sayang. Good luck in everything you do. I will be there for you. May Allah bless you and our family always. InsyaAllah.

Forever yours,

Your Wife


  1. akak...=)wahh..tak tau plak ade nye

  2. ei, ada lah. awak ada x? follow lah kite ;) tehee~