Sunday, June 5, 2011


i had to actually post this entry last night, but since i felt sad and shocked about my friend's broken marriage, i slept early.

yesterday was a day out with husband. it was one of those lovely and perfect days. since he was busy with his new carrier , i felt a bit left out. but i did understand and always trying to be in his shoes. . btw sayang, thank you for being honest, reliable and patient :')

yeay pegi jalanjalan!!!

we had our early dinner at medan tuanku. (best 'sup campur' ever in kl!)

'kuey teow sup & mihun sup' sedap woooo!!!!

apa you ushaaaa tuh sayang?! i ada depan you kot niiii. gggrrr :D


tapi pantang bila suruh senyumm :D

that was few pictures taken while we were at kedai makan. after that we made a move to lowyat. yeah, looking for my pink bb casing. gawd, why you are soooooo hard to find?! i found some pink casing but not dark pink that i wanted :(

sayang : i rasa xde lah sayang casing pink yg macam you nak tuh. .

me : abes yuna tuh :(

sayang : dye beli kat london lah i rasa

me : hmm.

sayang : okay, jom pegi london carik casing macam yuna tuh. nak?

me : -_- whatever sayang.

hahahahahaha! that was the real conversation okayh! finally i bought one casing but i am not so into it :( sayang did promised to find me the same casing like yuna wore to her bb's. yeay!

My banker! :p

heh. after that we were jalanjalan in the lowyat. surveying sayang's iphone4 and ipad. (fine, lowyat punya xmau, nak beli kat machine store! duhh.)

we made a move to tesco then. i wanted some juice and yogurt.

being crazy yaw ;) haha.

Dear darling,

Thank you for making me proud to be your wife, and for being my best friend. Thank you for making me feel beautiful in every way ;) Thank you for being so sweet. Thank you for being my super hero. Thank you for being you, sayang. Love you.

Love always.

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