Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yeah finally we went to this place, FULLHOUSE, Damansara branch :D Having our dinner's date before we went home after work. Thank you belanja i makan, sayang! The place was cool, surrounded with cool stuffs. I love the place but not the food. Hahaha! The food was so-so, compared to Haven Restaurant. But atleast we had tried the food. Tehee :) So here are some photos taken but the quality was not so good :/ Btw, enjoy!

"Blessed Husband."

"Blessed Wife."

The Menu.

1) Alfredo Spaghetti (so creamy, so muak, so i makan xhabes! :p) + Soda Grape Peppermint With Sourplum Pop (drink)

2) Tony's Chicken Teriyaki Chicken Burger (hmm, not badddd :D) + Lime Juice (drink)

Nice isn't it? :)

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