Sunday, June 5, 2011

pity, sad. .

i was crying in the car this evening while talking to my friend of mind. thought of missing her and husband gave her a call, asking why so 'sombong'. she did told husband she was facing difficulties in her life. then husband passed the phone to me. i was talking to her, asking her lot of things since i didn't met her ages! well, knowing her attitude, so happy-go-lucky woman, so i was expecting that she would happily talking to me on the phone. but i was wrong when she started to-shed-tear. maigad! what happen to you darling???! she was like. . "misya, i am getting divorce. ." ya Allah! lot of things were swimming in my head! i even can say nothing!!!!!! )': i inhaled and started to advice her few things about failure marriage. i can't stop crying but i slowly tried persuading her that everythings happen for a reason. . after few minutes, i hang up the phone. promised to call her back later. . )':

hopefully Allah is always with her, helping her to get through her new life. she also has to make to make sure that she has taken the time to be well prepared before she start down the road to divorce. good luck in life, friend. May Allah bless you. Amin )':

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