Sunday, June 12, 2011


i just had nothing on my Sunday. i don't go anywhere. i woke up for Subuh prayer 'berjemaah' and then continued sleeping. hehe. . after i woke up again, my stomach started to sing 'hungry' song. duhh. faiz then told me that he was hungry too. haha! (bila je you xlapar sayang :p)

i was planning to cook 'mihun goreng tomyam' for breakfast, but then it was already eleven, so i tot it would be better if i straight away cooked for lunch. sayang rushed to market to buy few ingredients to cook. he came back in 20 minutes later and i started to prepare everything in less than an hour ;) wow! hebat kan i? :p

after having lunch together, i just stay tune on watching movies while sayang got back to his tonne works. i did some bedsheets and comforters laundry today. i had no feeling of going out today :/ i got tired a lot easily nowadays but i don't know why :(

haf to stop writing btw, sayang called for Asar prayer. see you in the next entry yaw!

weekend housewife.

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