Thursday, June 2, 2011


i woke up bit early today. did some laundry yaw. but husband still sleeping. i know he was so exhausted. he claimed that he had not enough rest. "i penatlah be. . saket2 badan. weekend ni i nak tido puas2, qada tido mggu ni. ." kesian sayang i kan? :(

i punched my office tag at 9.01 a.m (okaylah tu hoi! smlm ngn smlm pkul 10.40 a.m. gila kan? :D hahaha!) oh ya, let me tell you an incident that was happened to me last 2 weeks :p

location : TRC lift from ground level to level 4.

suddenly, "tinggggg" the lift stopped at level 3, OMG! bos cynically smiling at me! (dalam hati, "whateverrrrr")

bos : hye misya.

me : hye bos! (muka cool)

bos : sooo early today? (macam %^$&*&! hahahaha!)

me : hehe. (senyum sengih, buat2 belek diary :p)

bos : saya bos ke awak bos? (sambil senyumsenyum macam nak mintak kena lempang gn aku!)

me : (dalam hati je. "okay. . fine. ")

hahaha! dat's it. lawak isn't it? gawd! i really hate to remember those moment. gggrrrr!

okay lah, have to back to tonne works. recess over. daa.

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