Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am busy doing nothing. Lotsa things but lack of time. Feels like 'bang'ing my head to wall. Gggrrr! Heh. Btw, I love being myself now even i get stuck in so many things. Quarelling with friends, bullshitting ppls around and whatsoever. Hahahaha! :D

Truth be told, I'm exhausted and I have a million things on my mind. Duhh, i really want something perfect with no efford. Can i? Ngaaa :D I wanna go for holiday with darla, i wanna have good&quality sleep, i wanna shopping as i am sooooo in love with fashion, i wanna eat something delicious that i have never try, in facts, i wanna have everything good in life as i have an awesome husband ;) haha!

That's all, thank you :p

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